Breakfast, Brunch, lunch and dinner menu

Savoury Brunch


Avana (avacado toast with madame, goat cheese crumb, hard boiled egg, black pepper, green leafs & olive oil

Option: Avocado berries on sourdough

Good Morning America (pancake, bacon, spinach, Avocado, 2 scrambled eggs, 2 local sausages & arce syrup)11.50€
English breakfast (bacon, slow toasted rockets, 2 local sausages, beans, 2 fried eggs, slow roasted tomatoes, avocado, strawberries & toast)12.25€
Rio Burger (cajun Spicy chicken breast, served with pico de Galo, lettuce, avocado, coriander, chipotle mayo, french fries, caramelized onion, melting red cheddar on a toasted brioche bun)12.55€
Rikky (waffles with serrano ham, tomato preserve, ricotta, fresh basil, 2 fried eggs, green leafs, Cripsy bacon & olive oil10.50€
Shakshuka (Spicy tomatoes,pepper, baked eggs, black beans, coriander & pitta bread)11.50€

Egg Benedict royal (smoked salmon, toasted rye, strawberries,salad, 2x poached eggs topped with hollendaise sauce & chives)

Suggestion, Add baked ham, potatoes or bacon €2

Chilaquiles (homemade tortilla with poached chicken breast, spicy green sauce, 2x fried eggs, avocado, fresh cheese, red onion & coriander)12€
Bromley (waffles, egg, 2 artisan sausages,2 slices of bacon,
strawberries,avocado & syrup
Cruz (Grilled Chicken filled with Spinach, iceberg lettuce, sweet corn, cherry tomatoes, white greek cheese, avocado & Olive
Suggestion, Add: Tuna, cooked eggs 2€ Extra sides: Potatoes 3€


Savoury crepes


Elzade ( Crep filled with tuna, swiss cheese,eggs & york ham)
Suggestion: Add: white greek cheese, parmesan cheese, goat cheese, Onion, frankfurt, fuet, rocket, spinach, tomatoes,
avocado or edam cheese      2€ each
Dera (Crep filled with serrano ham, parmesan cheese, natural tomatoes, rolled & spinach)8,50€

Chicken Crep (Homemade Crep filled with pulled chicken, rockets,onion & parmesan cheese)

Suggestion: Add, Sobrassada, ham,bacon, blue cheese, brie cheese 2€


Vegetal (Crep filled with white greek cheese,avocado,fresh tomatoes & spinach)

Suggestion: Add, onion, frankfurt, fuet, egg, Chicken, Mushrooms,Swiss cheese, rockets 2€ each


Homemade wraps


Salmon wrap7.50€
Wrap Vegetal6€
Chicken wrap7€

Hot Sandwich


With bacon and cheese5€
With brie cheese, mango chutney and rocket6€
Escalivada Sandwich with goat cheese & rocket5,50€



Pepia queen (chicken, mayonnaise and avocado)6,90€
Pelua (shredded meat, grated cheese and avocado)6,50€
Cachapa with half cheese7,25€
Cachapa with full cheese10.50€

Homemade Brioche


American Brioche ( Eggs, tomatoes,lettuce, chedder cheese6.50€
Brioche Bikini (York ham, edam cheese, tomatoes & rockets)6€
Brioche Serrano ( Serrano ham,rocket,egg,goat cheese & tomatoes)7€
Brioche de verduras ( Tomatoes, avocado & olives)5.90€

Sweet Brunch, Sweet crepes, Sweet waffles & Desserts menu

Sweet brunch


BLUES (Pancakes with blue berry dressing, maple syrup, Chocolate Ice cream, whipped cream, strawberry jam, grapes, kiwi,with white chocolate toppings)10.90€
French (toast with caramelized banana, toasted pecans, whipped cream & arce syrup9,50€
Leo (waffle with nuts, vanilla Ice cream, whipped cream, Strawberries, banana,Oreo, dressed with dulce de leche & orange jam toppings)10.95€

Sweet Creps


Miami (Crep with banana topping filled with white chocolate & Whipped cream dressing) Suggestion, Add: Walnuts, Strawberries, blueberries, nutella, dark Chocolate 2€ Each7,15€
Mexico (Crep filled with nutella & strawberries topping, dressed with whipped cream)7,15€
Crep with Nutella Suggestion: Add Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, Chocolate, whipped cream, nuts, banana, Oreo cookie, almond crocanti 2€, Ice cream 2€4,50€


Sweet Waffles


Rockie (waffle covered with nutella, strawberries & oreo cookies Suggestion, Add: Raspberry jam, rolled coconut, blueberries, Caramel Syrup ,coconut, brownie cookie 2€ each7,25€
Tandil (waffle with homemade nuts, white chocolate topping, banana & whipped cream)
Suggestion, Add: rolled coconut, dark chocolate, oreo cookie, almond crocanti, lacasitos 2€ each
Waffle with Nutella Suggestion: Add Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, Chocolate, whipped cream, nuts, banana, Oreo cookie, almond crocanti 2€4.50€



Brownie with ice cream4,90€
Lemon Cake4,50€
Cheesecake with red fruits and cream4,90€

Ice creams


1 Scoop

Extra Whipped Cream topping 1€


2 Scoops

Extra Whipped Cream topping 1€


3 Scoops

Extra Whipped Cream topping 1€


Ice cream cups


Macedonian (3 Scoops of ice cream & fruits)6,10€
Oreo (2 Scoops of ice cream, Whipped cream & Oreo)5.90€
Brandy (2 Scoops of ice cream, red fruits & brandy)7.50€

Home made


Mi casa (Cheesecake soaked in creamy baileys, garnished with homemade nuts topped with caramel syrup)

Suggestion, Add whipped cream or Strawberries 1.50, Ice Cream 2€

Vegas (3 scoops of Ice creams covered with nuts, homemade cookies & fresh fruits)8.75€
Banana Split (Whipped cream, banana, 2 Scoops of ice cream & nuts)6.95€

Drinks menu

100% Arabic coffee


Coffee with milk1,60€
Coffee only1,30€
Coffee Bom Bon3€
Large coffee Bom Bon3.50€
American coffee1,50€
Viennese coffee2,80€
Affogato coffee3€
Irish coffee5,50 €
Coffee with Brandy/Whiskey3€
Double coffee2,50€
Cut coffee1,40€

Freshly prepared natural juices





Water 0.51,50€
Catalan Vichy2,20€
Bottle of Red Wine15€
Bitter Kas1,80€
Glass of white wine3,50€
Glass of red wine3,50€
Bottle of white wine12€
Bottle of red wine Mini8,50€
Beer glass 0.504,50€
Beer cup 0.332,50€
Beer cup 0.251,40€
Turia Cup 0.505€
Turia Cup 0.333€
Turia Cup 0,252,50€
Free Damm 0.332,50€
Coke zero2,50€
Coke Normal2,50€
Orange fanta2,50€
Fanta lemon2,50€
Aquarius orange2,80€
Aquarius lemon2,80€
Cocoa milk2,10€

Smoothies, healthy life


Pina colada (pineapple and coconut)5,50€
Peach Paradise (peach, pawpaw and strawberry)5,50€
Tropic mix (pawpaw, pineapple and mango)5,50€
Red banana (strawberry and banana)5,50€
Mango fresh (mango and pear)5,50€
Strawberry (strawberry)5,50€
Natural Green (spinach, celery, banana, pineapple, broccoli and mango5,50€

Teas & infusions


Tea (black, red, green)1,60€
Infusion (ginger lemon, penny royal mint, red, forest fruits, digestive)1,60€

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